You shall rejoice before the Hashem, you’re Hashem. (Devorim 12:18)



A person should rejoice before Hashem, not only because of the good things He has given you but simply for the fact that He is your Creator. This is the greatest rejoicing.



The heart of those that seek the Hashem will rejoice. (Psalms 105:3)



Just knowing that you seek to come close to Hashem should be enough to make you ecstatically happy. How many don’t even seek out the ways of truth.



I will rejoice in the Hashem, my soul will be joyful in my Hashem. (Yishayah 61:10)



If you want to be happy, simply connect yourself to Hashem, Blessed be He and that attachment itself will bring you joy.



I will rejoice at your word as one who finds great spoil. (Psalms 119:162)



The commandments are there as vehicles to bring us enlightenment and joy. That is, if we value them.



Serve the Hashem with gladness; come before His Presence with singing. (Psalms 100:2)



What makes a master take pleasure in His servant? When the servant does his work with pride and joy, seeking only to bring pleasure to his Master.



Serve the Hashem with fear and rejoicing with trembling. (Psalms 2:11)



When a person has a phobia whether it’s an object or situation, it brings them sadness and discomfort. Fearing Hashem in the proper way should bring rejoicing to ones soul.



The precepts of the Hashem are righteous, rejoicing the heart. (Psalms 19:9)



A person is sad because a negative thought enters their mind. If you think about doing mitzvos then positive thoughts should return making your rejoice.



Because you did not serve the Hashem, Your Hashem, with joyfulness and with gladness (you received punishment) (Devorim 28:47)



It’s not a sin to be depressed but it is worse than any sin as it leads a person to idolatry and they will fall into committing countless sins.



Light is sown for the righteous and joy for the upright in heart. (Psalms 97:11)



There is normal joy and then there is a joy attained from doing the mitzvos. This joy is filled with light.



A merry heart is good healing medicine (Proverbs 17:22)



The majority of ailments a person has come from a saddened heart. The moment we start with a headache, fatigue or any other pain we should immediately jump up with joy and thanks to Hashem, and we’ll notice an improvement in our heath.



All the days of the poor are evil but he that is of a merry heart has a continual feast. (Proverb 15:15)



If a person is poverty stricken and complains of his lot he is sure to abandon his Creator out of spite. But once he rejoices in what he has then everyday will bring new hope and will fill his soul like a feast.



That I may come to the alter of Hashem, to Hashem, the gladness of my joy. (Psalms 43:4)


The greatest joy is when a person feels nullified in the will of Hashem, standing before His alter like a child before his father.



Let my words be pleasant to Him; I will rejoice in Hashem. (Psalms 104:34)



There is a certain level of joy in which a person feels there lips connected to the Shechinah, there words come forth as pleasant cries full of sweetness and yearning. The words come from deep within carrying with it the joy of the other world.



Israel will be happy in its Maker. The sons of Zion will rejoice in their King. (Psalms 149:2)



If you are happy with Hashem and what He gives you, Hashem will allow you into His palace where you will rejoice in spiritual bliss, the light of Hashem. We must simply be happy in Hashem.



And the righteous will rejoice. They will exult before Hashem and be filled with happiness. (Psalms 68:4)



When a person is righteous in his ways, joy will certainly follow. If you find yourself saddened, make yourself exceedingly righteous. Even someone far from Hashem can return to a righteous path immediately should it be their will to do so. 



Let my lips rejoice, when I sing to You, as well as my soul which You have redeemed. (Psalms 71:23)



If you pretend to be happy, speaking in positive, joyful ways or simply sing a joyous tune even though your heart is aching with sadness, Hashem will redeem you and give you real joy to appreciate.



“Behold, I am sending My messenger, and he shall clear the way before Me, and the Hashem whom you seek shall suddenly come to his chamber… (Malachi 3:1)



Hashem only resides in a person with joy. First clear the way for joy and Hashem will follow.



“In all sadness there is some gain.” (Proverbs 14:23)



Even if you are sad and cannot seem to lift yourself from this state, be strong. Know that this too is good, soon your sadness will turn to joy and the joy will be all the more so felt having been sad prior.